Why Us

Being involved in revenue cycle management, you always focus on clean claims submission free from any coding error to save time and money and at the same time being sure enough that the codes selections are correct and represent the exact service performed by provider, making sure you never get involved in any fraudulent/abuse coding in case of any audit by Authorities. For this you always need experience and professional coding services. Although there are many capable independent Coders, forming a team of highly trained and experienced staff requires additional expertise and outlets that are simply not available to in-house Coding staff. All the coders that are part of our team are highly professional with strong medical background knowledge and years of exposure and training of medical coding making the Coding more reliable, educative to providers and clients.

Consistency: In-house Coding services can cause numerous challenges if you experience turn over or extended leave due to illness or family events. At Codingwize, we provide not only each practice their own designated Coder, but layers of additional staffing support beyond your designated lead. In addition to staffing consistency we operate each account under set protocols and procedures. This way, you know your account is being handled based on a history of proven practices and procedures to help ensure your success.

Proven Success: Our satisfied clients are our success. A wide scope of expertise and variety of specialties have enable Codingwize to manage any Coding client with proven excellence. Audits and testimonials from providers have stamped our confidence


We identify the scope of documentation improvement and improvise where you are getting financial loses for the services you perform and just getting loses due to lack of guidance.

Besides inclusive free audit by professional Auditors boosts your practice in smoothing things


Our services and dealings are flexible with the client demands. Satisfying clients is the major pillar in our success.

Negotiable Rates;

Our rates are best in the market. Getting quality and reliable work with flexible rates is the key for win-win situation for both the parties and industry for cost effectiveness.

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