About Us

Medical coding is an incredibly complex industry – with regulations, guidelines and even the codes themselves changing constantly. Because medical coding is directly linked to claims and billing – having an effective process for medical coding and billing should be a top priority for health care organizations of all sizes and specialties. Unfortunately, too often – medical coding services can get lumped into other job responsibilities – which can allow this critical function to get lost in the shuffle of a busy healthcare billing office.

Codingwize is a team of Professional Medical Coders who believe in Quality with commitment in Medical Coding Industry. We are well aware of Quality standards with strong Background needed to accomplish this.

Our Belief:

We Believe in Accuracy, Quality with Dedication in the field of Healthcare industry.


Accuracy, Quality and Reliability


To be the most trusted and Reliable Revenue Cycle partner in Healthcare care industry.

Our Team

We are a team of over 25 years of experienced professionals;

Our Coders are:

Certified by AAPC with specialty specific Certifications

Minimum 5 year of single -specialty coding experience

Updated with current changes in healthcare coding systems

Our Auditors are:

Certified by AAPC


Certifications: CPC, CPMA, CRC, CCC (AAPC)